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Content of this site or linked by Epistemonikos Database ("Epistemonikos") to other sites is provided in a free and open way, without contractual link created or existing between the owners and/or administrators of this website and the project's participants, and users. Content owned by Epistemonikos that is made available to users can be freely used, subject to the terms and conditions of its licensing scheme. Content from third parties linked to, can be used in accordance with the licensing requirements of the rights owner of the linked content.

Only the English version of all the titles and abstracts of available documents, as well as translations marked with a star can be considered reliable. However, regarding all documents and translations, Epistemonikos, its collaborators, administrators, programmers, sponsors, researchers and in general anyone related to Epistemonikos or that works in the project, do not act as guarantors nor are in any way obligated or liable regarding the exactitude, completeness, or use of the provided information, which is owned by their corresponding rights holders.

Epistemonikos does not support, endorse or recommend any commercial product, treatment or service. The points of view and opinions of individual authors of the information that is made available do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Epistemonikos, nor of its collaborators, administrators, programmers, sponsors, researchers, and in general of any person related to Epistemonikos or that works in the project. Therefore, they cannot be used for commercial purposes or in order to support a specific product, treatment or service.

Epistemonikos does not provide specific health advice, consulting or recommendations but instead seeks to provide to the general public, in a systematized form, the best and most reliable available information so as to better understand the problems of healthcare. Epistemonikos does not assume any legal obligation or liability derived from the application of the information to real situations. The information made available to the public by Epistemonikos, especially about pharmacotherapy and surgical procedures, does not in any way substitute, replace or complement advice provided by doctors or other healthcare professionals. Any use of the information contained in Epistemonikos is the sole responsibility of the user.

Epistemonikos.org is a collaborative nonprofit project maintained by Epistemonikos Foundation. All of its content and features are available for free.


Epistemonikos enlaza a contenidos de otros sitios web y bases de datos, principalmente de revistas científicas seriadas. Dichos enlaces dan acceso a contenidos de terceros, en la medida que éstos lo permitan. Los contenidos ubicados en sitios enlazados no son modificados de ninguna forma. Los derechos de autor de los contenidos a los cuales Epistemonikos enlaza son de propiedad de su titular respectivo.

Para mayor referencia, Epistemonikos puede proveer fragmentos del contenido enlazado, efectuado con fines de investigación y académicos, incluyéndose una referencia a su fuente, título y autor.

Toda marca registrada, para productos, servicios, mixtas, marcas colectivas, diseños industriales, patentes, u otros derechos de propiedad industrial que puedan referirse, comentarse o citarse en los contenidos de Epistemonikos, o en los contenidos enlazados, son de propiedad de sus respectivos titulares. A menos que se indique expresamente, Epistemonikos no tiene relación ni vínculo contractual alguno con los titulares de los derechos respectivos.

Ley 17.336 de Propiedad Intelectual (Chile)

Epistemonikos es un proyecto colaborativo destinado a publicitar y facilitar el acceso al conocimiento de información médica basada en evidencia, sin fines de lucro. El uso de la información enlazada se efectúa en cumplimiento de las leyes y tratados de propiedad intelectual vigentes en la República de Chile.

If you own the copyright of a work contained or referred to in the website, and believe the Epistemonikos’ use of it is infringing, please contact contact@epistemonikos.org, stating your rights to the work, its location in the website, the rights allegedly infringed and, if applicable, the user that provides the infringing content. If justified, in compliance with Law 17.336 of Intellectual Property, the infringing content will be removed.


Toda la información publicada, enlazada y en general puesta a disposición de los usuarios por Epistemonikos se efectúa en cumplimiento de las leyes de la República de Chile. Toda controversia, conflicto, o reclamo relacionado con el sitio web y sus contenidos, será resuelto en cumplimiento de las leyes vigentes de la República de Chile que sean aplicables.

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