SCH 370 (clotrimazole-betamethasone dipropionate) cream in patients with tinea cruris or tinea corporis.

Categoría Estudio primario
Año 1984
The safety and efficacy of SCH 370 (1 percent clotrimazole/0.05 percent betamethasone dipropionate) cream was compared with each of its individual components in 331 patients with tinea cruris or tinea corporis. The study was a multicentered, randomized, double-blind, parallel-groups design. The patients received one of three treatments applied twice a day for two weeks and returned for a follow-up visit two weeks after the last application. Total signs and symptoms scores of infections were evaluated at baseline, once between days three to five, and after weeks one, two, and four. Culture and potassium hydroxide preparations were done at baseline and weeks two and four. SCH 370 cream demonstrated more rapid therapeutic activity than the antifungal agent alone, resulting in significantly better clinical results in early treatment and in midtreatment. As expected with a steroid, betamethasone dipropionate achieved relief of inflammatory signs and symptoms early in the course of treatment, but SCH 370 was superior from one week on in the patients with tinea cruris and at post-treatment in the patients with tinea corporis. Mycologically, SCH 370 cream and clotrimazole were comparable at the end of the study and results were significantly better than those for betamethasone dipropionate. All three treatments were safe with no reports of unexpected or serious adverse experiences.
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