Translation of the website

Epistemonikos database works in 9-languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese).

The website has been translated by a network of contributors. If you find any mistake or have a suggestion on how to improve translation, or you want to contribute to translating Epistemonikos, contact

Translation of the content

All articles entering Epistemonikos are translated in the 9-languages by a software.

Using automated and manual means we identify available official translations of articles from journal websites or other sources.

The most relevant articles (newer or more comprehensive systematic reviews in a matrix of evidence) are translated by a network of collaborators (currently, only for Spanish).

Multilingual searches

Searches can be conducted in any of the 9-languages from the English interface, and in English + specific language from the other interfaces. Terms from different languages can be used.

In non-English interfaces you will see the following icons indicating translation status:

Official translation Offizielle Übersetzung
Revised collaborative translation Revised collaborative translation
Collaborative translation (only for Spanish) Collaborative-Übersetzung
Machine translation Machine translation
Pending translation Pending translation