A systematic review and meta-analysis on the global status of Platynosomum sp. (Trematoda - Dicrocoelidae) infecting domestic cats (Felis catus).

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Categoria Systematic review
GiornaleVeterinary parasitology
Year 2023
Platynosomum sp. is a parasite that infects the liver and biliary tract of domestic and wild cats, causing platynosomiasis. A systematic review with meta-analysis was performed to determine the global prevalence and distribution of Platynosomum sp. based on epidemiological studies and case reports. A total of 73 articles met the inclusion criteria, including 46 studies of an epidemiological nature and 27 case report articles, comprising 35 affected animals. Meta-analysis of epidemiological studies revealed an overall prevalence of 17.8%, with high heterogeneity. Central America had the highest prevalence at 64.1%, followed by South America at 15.1%. Necropsy was the primary diagnostic method, followed by morphological detection of eggs in faeces at 29.3% and 12.5%, respectively. The analysis of case reports highlighted a greater number in South America and confirmed the presence of the parasite in countries where no epidemiological studies were obtained. The most infected animals were those that met the criteria of being mixed-breed, over 4 years old, and having unrestricted outdoor access, but no gender predilection was observed. General comorbidities were the most observed, followed by icterus. In addition, pathological changes were observed in the necropsied animals of the case reports, and the presence of thickening of the ducts and gallbladder was mainly identified, followed by fibrosis and hyperplasia, linked to the presence of an adult parasite. In conclusion, this systematic review with meta-analysis revealed a significant prevalence of Platynosomum sp. at a global level, mainly in the Americas, and that comprehensive studies are necessary for a more reliable prevalence, considering that this is a parasite of great importance for feline medicine.
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