Video games and laparoscopic surgery.

Category Primary study
JournalJournal of Gynecologic Surgery
Year 2008
he aim of this study was to determine whether playing video games is associated with improved laparoscopic performance. Participants performed three timed laparoscopic tasks on a pelvic trainer as a pretest. Next, subjects had 10 minutes of playing time on a video game. For the post-test, subjects again performed three timed laparoscopic tasks on the pelvic trainer. Tasks that were performed were intended to measure hand–eye coordination, ambidexterity, and depth perception. Paired-samples t-tests were used to measure differences between the pre- and post-tests: There was a significant difference between pegs that were transferred (p = 0.001) and between the number of pegs dropped (p = 0.013). There was also a significant difference in the pre- and post-tests on cutting open a filled condom (p = 0.008). Last, the number of rubber bands stretched in the pre- and post-tests was significantly different (p = 0.000). In conclusion, playing video games improved laparoscopic skills and time to complete the tasks.
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