System Review on Curative Effect and Safety of Dexamethasone for Severe Asthma and Severe Sepsis [J]

Category Systematic review
JournalChina Pharmacy
Year 2010
OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the curative effect and safety of dexamethasone for severe asthma and severe sepsis systematically. METHODS:Randomized controlled trials about dexamethasone for severe asthma and severe sepsis were retrieved from database,such as Cochrane library(1996~2007),PubMed(1966~2007),EMCC(1995~2007),CHKD(1994~2007)and pertinent literatures. The qualities of included studies were evaluated and extracted data were analyzed by Meta-analysis respectively. RESULTS:11 trials containing 1 435 cases were up to included standard. Therapy results of severe asthma:(1)in remission rate of the total symptom,difference between dexamethasone and prednisone was not statistically significant [OR 1.44,95% CI(0.75,2.75);P=0.27];(2)In the incidence rate of ADR,dexamethasone was lower than prednisone [OR 0.13,95%CI(0.04,0.44);P=0.001];(3)In the recurrence rate,no statistical significance was noted in difference between dexamethasone and prednisone [OR 0.58,95%CI(0.25,1.31);P=0.19]. Therapy results of severe sepsis:(1)In the mortality,difference between dexamethasone and placebo was not statistically significant [OR 0.85,95%CI(0.41,1.78);P=0.67];(2)In the incidence rate of ADR,no statistical significance was noted in difference between hydrocortisone and placebo [OR 1.05,95%CI(0.51,2.19);P=0.89]. CONCLUSION: Dexamethasone is similar to prednisone in the treatment of severe asthma but better than prednisone in drug safety. The safety of dexamethasone is similar to placebo in the treatment of severe sepsis. KEY WORDS Glucocorticoid;Dexamethasone;Severe asthma;Severe sepsis
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