Physical agents’ effectiveness in the pain treatment in knee arthrosis: a systematic review

Category Systematic review
JournalRevista Médica Electrónica
Year 2015
AIM: to determine if physical agents are efficient for pain decreasing and life quality improving in adults with knee arthrosis, compiling the different, methodologically high quality scientific studies published up to the date. METHODS: a systematic review was carried out in the databases PEDro, Scielo and Medline. We included controlled, randomized trials with patients diagnosed of knee osteoarthritis. We chose articles published in the period from January 1st 2004 and October 10 2014, both in Spanish and in English. The studies compilation was performed in an independent way, not blinded by 2 reviewers, and the studies were classified using the PEDro scale. OUTCOMES: we found 428 articles that potentially might be included in this work. After applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria, only 28 articles were chosen for the analysis. CONCLUSIONS: we have good evidence supporting the usage of laser, biomagnetism and transcutaneous nervous electrostimulation to diminish pain and improve live quality in people with knee arthrosis. Key words: Knee arthrosis, laser therapy, thermotherapy, infrared rays, transcutaneous nervous electrostimulation, cryotherapy.
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