Are intraarticular steroids effective for knee osteoarthritis?

Category Broad synthesis / Living FRISBEE
Year 2016
Knee osteoarthritis is a chronic disabling condition that is both progressive and irreversible. Intraarticular steroids are commonly used to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms and to minimize the need for surgery. Nevertheless, debate still exists regarding the efficacy and safety of steroids. To address this point, we searched Epistemonikos database which is maintained by screening 30 separate databases and identified 12 systematic reviews including 41 studies addressing steroids use in knee osteoarthritis. Of these, 40 were randomized trials. The evidence from these studies was combined using meta-analysis, and a summary of findings table was constructed following the GRADE approach. We concluded intraarticular steroid use slightly decreases short-term pain, makes little or no difference in the mid-term, and may have no effects in the long-term.
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