Role Of ß Blockade In Anaesthesia And Postoperative Pain Management After Major Lower Abdominal Surgery

Category Primary study
JournalThe Internet Journal of Anesthesiology
Year 2009
Sixty adult patients of either sex, of ASA status I or II, undergoing major lower abdominal surgeries under general anaesthesia were studied in this randomized double blinded study protocol. Patients were randomly divided into one of the two groups (esmolol or control) .The aim of this study is to evaluate the influence of perioperative esmolol administration upon anaesthesia and postoperative pain management. It was concluded that esmolol decreases the postoperative morphine requirement for pain relief. There was low incidence of post operative side effects of opioids as nausea and vomiting, sedation, respiratory depression, pruritus (p<0.05). Postoperative morphine used was 4.65 ±0.91 mg in the esmolol group and 5.95±1.38 mg in the control group (p<0.05). Intraoperative variations in MAP and HR were significant in control group as compared to esmolol group (p <0.05).Comparing both the groups, intraoperative fentanyl consumption was higher in the control group (p <0.05).
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