Investigation of ZhengQing Lingzhi liquid as adjuvant treatment on patients with colon cancer

Category Primary study
JournalJournal of Guiyang Medical College (貴陽醫學院學報)
Year 2003
Colorectal cancer is one of the world's most common malignancy and the second bit of the total incidence of malignant tumors, a clear upward trend in recent years. How to improve colorectal cancer treatment, are still important issues to be addressed, in addition to surgerytreatment, adjuvant therapy plays an important role [1] in the year 1999 from May to January 2003 for rectal cancer after surgery is clear Ganoderma lucidum oral treatment to observe, to explore is clear Ganoderma lucidum oral solution can improve the patientsimmune system, improve the patient's quality of life.
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