A systematic review of the clinical impact of the PIP breast implants

Wazir U., Kasem A., Mokbel K.. A systematic review of the clinical impact of the PIP breast implants. European Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2014;40(11):S73.

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Systematic review reported only as conference abstract

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Broad synthesis

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  2. Its main objective is to synthesize systematic reviews. Primary studies can be searched for to complement the results of reviews.

Synthesis of primary studies (i.e. systematic reviews):

We consider a systematic review for inclusion if it fulfills the following criteria:

  1. Provides a description of at least one eligibility criterion
  2. Its main objective is to synthesize primary studies (other synthesis might be used as an additional source for studies).
  3. Reports an explicit method that includes searching in at least one electronic database.

We also include synthesis of primary studies that do not fulfill the above definition but are judged to add valuable information. Some examples are individual patient meta-analysis or meta-analysis of unpublished data.

Primary studies

Primary study is an umbrella term that includes any study design, qualitative or quantitative, where data is collected from individuals or groups of people.

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  • Do not include patient important outcomes or an accepted surrogate outcome.
  • Explore a methodological issue that cannot be transferred directly into practice or policy (e.g. rate of adherence of studies to reporting standards, description or validation of research tools)
  • Do not evaluate individuals or groups of individuals (except for some topics that can inform health decision-making, for instance bacterial resistance to antibiotics, levels of environmental chemicals in food).